Tea & Cats, Journal Cover and Misc.
Sewing Themed Metal Tray Collection
Kitties & Other Critters in Squares (Mostly Kitties)
J.K. Rowlings Illustration & Book Cover Design
Snowy owl does a dance in the moonlight, digital illust
GirlĀ Hiding in the Garden, Digital Illustration
Children's Book Illustrations (The Egg & Spoon)
Children Book Illustrations (The Owl & The Pussycat)
Illustrations for home decor, Wood
Sadie the Cat, Digital Illustration
GTS Competition Entry (2016)
Baby Clothing, Illustration & Design
Illustrations for home decor, Glass
Illustrations for home decor, Fabric
Let's Get this Party Started! (Illustrations)
Book Cover art, font illustration & design
Spring Blossom Gift Pouch
"This Bird's Cruisin' Southbound"
Holiday Card, Illustration & Design
Editorial Map illustration, Atlanta (Midtown)
Tiger Cub of the Jungle
Nursery room artwork (Giraffe & Penguin)
Find Your Inner Ted illustrations and logos
My Friend's Wedding Portrait, Lego Style...
At the Races
loki naps
Girl with Kitty Tower
Zombies Attack
ATV Coon
just a super guy
rainbow robot
little girl in orange dress
Illustrations for leen jones blog
family reunion tshirt design, july 2013
walking the dog
kitty treat fairy.
Angry bee
Night walk
Zombie Bride & Groom at the Beach
Things I Love.
girl with bandaid
man with red lenses
day at the beach
best friends
weekend trip with dad
Gone Fishing...
Unhappy machinist
piggy back ride with daddy
Little Brunette with Imaginary Friends
hippo like ice creams :)
dinosaur with hat
Illustrations for baebae design's Plush Dolls
Baby Shower Announcement Designs
Blue Horned Monster
Sasha against Orange Wall
I am a Design Robot
smile and nod...
Wendy's First trip to the Dentist
Granny with Bunny Slippers
little dragon monsters
Goofy as crap
From the Sketchbook: Kitty.
For someone special...
random animal
Foam Door Hanger Illustrations/Paintings
My AIGA Ink & Drink Illustrations
Illustration. Peeps I Know
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